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Make Out Room

Cult Music Legend R. Stevie Moore Comes to Make-Out Room On His First Tour Ever

Flanked by some friends in pretty high places, a bona-fide musical legend is coming to the Make-Out Room (of all places) for two shows this weekend. R. Stevie Moore is old school–he's been around since 1968 and self-released almost 400 albums–yet he's on his first-ever world tour that was made possible by very the new-school, crowd-sourced funding platform Kickstarter.

Moore has been revered as a warbling, friendly lo-fi god, starting with his influential 1971 debut album Phonography, which sports zany songs (and spoken word pieces) reminiscient of Paul McCartney's early DIY solo sound, only weirder and more self-deprecating.

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On Muni, plugged into your iPod, playing games on your phone or engrossed in a magazine, it's easy to feel like an island amidst the sea of craziness washing through our bus lines everyday. But reading beloved city blog Muni Diaries makes us remember that we're all in this together, that SF is a community of passionate people who will tell you exactly what they're thinking and feeling at the drop of a hat.

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