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Makeout Room

SF Mixtape Society Meet Up @ Makeout Room This Weekend

Even in this age of soulless iPod shuffle, compiling mixtapes for your high school friends or crushes is a rite of passage, like writing bad, angst-ridden poetry or sneaking out of your bedroom for makeout sessions. After that it becomes an artform — that is if you give enough of a damn about music to move beyond classic rock and punk. If you're a connoisseur of the mixtape, you can command respect in any room you enter.

Muni Diaries Live! @ The Makeout Room

Whether it's making you late to a very important date or it leads to meeting the love of your life on one of their rickety buses, our lives all hinge on Muni at one point or another. Friends and foes are all coming together this week on Friday, October 29th for Muni Diaries Live! at the Makeout Room to hear stories, both horrific and happy, about our city's public transportation.

Writer's Town: Where SF's Literary Scene Hangs Out & Talks Shop

The Coffee Shop
Around the corner from Twitter headquarters in SoMa and just a minute’s walk to Wired is Epicenter Café, where there are as many outlets as there are freelancers plugging away on laptops. The beer and wine selection don’t hurt either. 764 Harrison St.,

The Salon
Authors and poets test out new material at the Makeout Room’s Writers with Drinks, a spoken-word variety show that takes place the second Saturday of every month. 3225 22nd St.,

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