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Take a Well-Heeled Walk in Manhattan’s New Garment District

Take a Well-Heeled Walk in Manhattan’s New Garment District

In New York, a cultural mélange of punk, highbrow, and hippie has long called the industrial lofts, tenements, and cottages of old New Amsterdam home. Now haute fashion joins the fray. Since the economy took a spill, the fashion industry has been migrating south, leaving its midtown Manhattan epicenter in favor of offices in a grittier new garment district, where pretty young things roam. Even publishing juggernaut Condé Nast is claiming new floors in the rising 1 World Trade Center, and wise designers are setting up headquarters in its shadow.

Manhattan: Best Done In A Whirlwind Journey

In my opinion, Manhattan should be done in a mad three-night journey. It allows you to go for broke without actually succeeding. Instead of staying put though, reserve at two of the city’s newest, swankiest hotels. You’ll get a taste of different sides of the city (and save on cab fares). The Surrey, on a posh block of the Upper East Side, is your one-night splurge. Originally a residential hotel built in the ’20s, its lobby now houses Chuck Close’s painting of Kate Moss. Lauren Rottet’s black and white décor is an elegant mix of modern and traditional design, a relief in the era of Philippe Starck.

The San Francisco Summer: A Drink Made For the Coldest Winter

People in my hometown of Austin, Texas have been complaining about extended super-hot weather (the extended forecast shows no end for 103 degree highs, ouch!). I can proudly brag to them that today in SF, the high is supposed to be 61 with a low of 52. Um, then again, that's not exactly what anyone would call summer. In fact, last night while I was bartending at Cantina, I fielded an unusual number of orders for Manhattans—a drink that I normally consider a fall/winter drink.

Film Night in the Park: A Good Excuse to Cuddle

The platonic ideal of the outdoor movie experience involves a balmy summer’s eve, a picnic blanket to stretch out upon, plus various picnic delicacies. The San Francisco reality of the open-air movie spectatorship is usually more like a freezing fog-filled night, a down sleeping bag to cuddle in and wine to keep you warm.

Even so, Film Night in the Park rakes in the crowds, the happy campers and the masses yearning to see movies in the great outdoors. 

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