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Benefits of the "Menicure"

Mani-pedi for men

When I was a kid, my mom (a one-time Las Vegas showgirl and bunny at the Chicago Playboy Club) used to reprimand my grubby nails, “You’ll grow potatoes under there!” Her scolding used to bug the crap out of me, but as I started to be interested in girls, at about 12-years old, I quickly realized the benefits of better than good hygiene. Not all of my multiple daily showers were just for…

Nailed: How to Get that Mani-Pedi for Less

We’re all for being fashionably late, but sometimes, it pays to be early. That’s a little piece of wisdom we’ve picked up recently from the bevy of San Francisco day spas and nail salons offering midweek and workday specials to those who can sneak in during off-peak hours.

A few of our favorite places to take attention-deprived cuticles and weary soles this month:

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