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Maria Bello

Love in the Aftermath of an American Nightmare: Shawn Ku's 'Beautiful Boy'

To neighbors and casual acquaintances, they always seem to have come across as loners, quiet types who kept to themselves. Were they depressed? Lonely? Or just burning with rage? Nobody can say for sure, but campus gunmen who open fire on their classmates remain frustratingly enigmatic to an obsessed public searching for motives.
In the wake of such carnage, our hearts go out to the victims and their families, but how do we respond to the parents of the perpetrator? Do we acknowledge their loss, and pity them for their unexpected brush with infamy? Or do we blame them for raising a monster?

Home Movies: Adam Sandler's Regressive Foray into Adulthood, Michael Cera's Bruising Video-Game Romance

Based on an original story by Adam Sandler and former Saturday Night Live writer Fred Wolf, Grown Ups contains not a single imaginative minute. It is as lazily conceived as anything Sandler has done.
But it must have been a blast to make. Judging by the fact that Sandler and his fellow SNL alum, with King of Queens star Kevin James gamely filling in for the late Chris Farley, spend so much time laughing at their own jokes, we might reasonably suspect something funny is afoot. Just try and find it.

Former ‘SNL’ Stars Reunite, with Mind-Numbing Results, in ‘Grown Ups’

If Will Forte’s MacGruber reminded us that five-minute Saturday Night Live sketches seem less than inspired when stretched to paper-thin feature length, Grown Ups, a nominal comedy starring SNL alumni Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider, is even more confounding.

Based on an original story by Sandler and former SNL writer Fred Wolf, the movie contains not a single imaginative minute, much less the five needed to kill time between late-night commercials. It is as lazily conceived as anything Sandler has done.

Maria Bello Explores Melancholy, Infinite Sadness in 'Downloading Nancy'

Conceived as a bitter little pill to dull optimism and shatter serenity, Downloading Nancy was nominated for the top prize at last year’s Sundance, where voters must have been taken in by Maria Bello’s virtuoso performance and the scenes of raw emotional energy she commands. Whether those voters stopped to consider the point of such scenes, much less the point of the movie itself, is debatable.

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