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Maria Shriver

At Ease with Charlotte Shultz


As you already know, Monday was a heady day of power politicos who parachuted into San Francisco.

And the majority of these players (minus First Lady Michelle Obama, though she was, of course, invited) ended that day at an intimate dinner hosted by Protocol Chief Charlotte Mailliard Shultz and her husband, Former Sec. of State George Shultz in their Russian Hill aerie.

Waiting for Michelle Obama

I swore to myself, I wasn’t gonna do it. Really, I had so (so, so) many other tasks to accomplish today rather than trying to chase down the motorcade of Michelle Obama.

And while my little digital camera is nifty, it lacks the power of a big, ol’ telephoto lens.

But as more calls regarding this momentous occasion in our fair city were made and received, the reporter in me could resist no longer. And I caved.

Frenzy! Michelle Obama and Maria Shriver in SF

Get ready for a media frenzied, Secret Service-ridden Monday in San Francisco.

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