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Market Watch

Market Watch: French Plums, San Marzano Tomatoes and Sunshine

Every year around this time, French prune plums make a brief and glorious return to market each year but only for a limited time. With their concentrated sweetness and easy perishability they are usually only sold in their dried and preserved states. However, for the next few weeks you can visit the Glashoff Farms stand and get them freshly picked and in their prime.

Market Watch: Screaming for Sorbet, Learning to Pickle

At the Thursday market there is no shortage of delicious lunch options. Once you’ve polished off a juicy porchetta sandwich from Roli Roti, spicy short-rib tacos from Tacolicious or a bowl of kimchee fried rice from Namu, you’ll definitely want to mosey over to the Scream Sorbet booth for something sweet. Scream’s sorbets are made without corn syrup or preservatives and have flavors that are inspired by the best local and organic fruits, vegetables and herbs available.

Market Watch: Pepperoncini, Bronx Grapes and a Farm Tour

If you’ve never tried Bronx grapes your chance has finally arrived. With a deep-rosy hue, this rare variety is a cross between the Thompson and the Black Concord. They have a very delicate skin which makes them difficult to ship or store, so you’ll only find them at the farmers’ market.

Market Watch: Gypsy Peppers, Gravensteins and the "Sexiest Things"

If anyone has the inside scoop when it comes to the Ferry Plaza Farmers market it's Lulu Meyer, associate director of market operations at CUESA. Every week, she'll be giving us her short list for the market—just in time for Saturday shopping.

The Thursday market is open for lunch! Come and get it.

Market Watch: Dirty Girls, Della's Best Bread and Mulberries

Come down to the Thursday market, 10 am to 2 pm. On the menu: 4505 does a kimchi dog, Tacolicious does fish tacos and Pizza Politana does a pizza with Redwood Farms tomatoes, County Line basil pesto, sheep's milk feta and red onion. Lunch is served!

Market Watch: 4505 Does Burgers, Berry Bash and Red Hot Garlic

The Thursday market was yesterday, from 10 am to 2 pm. Click here to see what new lunch options there were, such as Namu's BBQ Belly Sandwich, chorizo-potato tacos and Ambrosia-melon agua fresca from Tacolicious, and 100% grass fed Magruder Ranch Cheeseburger on a sesame bun from 4505 Meats. Don't miss out next week!

Market Watch: Flying Saucers Sighted, Plus Kraut Galore

Dahlias were out in full force and in just about every color at Cypress Flower Farm this week. Farmer Randy Dardanelle grows these summer beauties on his 12-acre farm in Moss Beach. This flamboyant flower, a native to Mexico and Central America, is also the official flower of San Francisco. It’s hard not to swoon over these delicate blooms in all their bright hues and intricate forms.

Market Watch: Chef Chris Cosentino Seen Snagging the Prospect Tomatoes

The chef’s carts were loaded down with heirloom tomatoes this week as the first of the field grown beauties started to make their debut. Chef Chris Cosentino of Incanto Restaurant in Noe Valley was seen snapping up flats of a variety called Prospect at the Balakian Farms booth to use on his menu in a dish featuring smoked escolar and charred Padrón peppers. Farmer Ginger Balakian grows over 15 varieties of heirloom tomatoes on her farm including Green Zebras, Watermelon Beefsteaks and Yellow Brandywine.

Market Watch: Thursday Now Means Tacos, Wood-Fired Pizza and More

Lunch is served! This week marks the return of the new and improved Thursday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, with more food fixings than ever: wood-fired pizza from Pizza Politana, porchetta sandwiches for Roli Roti, tacos and homemade strawberry horchata from Tacolicious, the latest from the Laiola team, lox sandwiches from Cap’n Mike’s Holy Smoke and kimchi okonomiyaki from the folks behind Namu. Additionally, you can find the best seasonal produce from Dirty Girl, Tory Farms, Lucero, Swanton and Lagier Ranches.

Market Watch: Tayberries, New Potatoes and a Gem of a Lettuce

Summer is definitely here when tayberries, a hybrid of the red raspberry and blackberry, are back in abundance at the Yerena Farms booth. In addition to the marvelously sweet tayberry, farmer Apolinar Yerena and his brothers Guillermo and Gilberto grow strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, prickly pear cactus and squash on their 22 acre farm in Royal Oaks. Tayberries are sweeter and larger than raspberries and very delicate—making them difficult to pack and ship—so they’re only available at your local farmers’ market.

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