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CherryPick Launches Matchmaking Based on Your Social Network

CherryPick Launches Matchmaking Based on Your Social Network

When it comes to starting new relationships, most people have traditionally needed a little help from their friends.

And even with all the communications technologies and online dating sites in this era, most of us would probably still be grateful for a good old-fashioned matchmaker.

SF Home to Next Generation of Online Dating Services, but Algorithm for Love Remains Elusive

When it comes to online dating, like with all types of social media, San Francisco is at the center of the action.

“We have the most fans in San Francisco, as a percentage of the population, and probably our biggest penetration of any market,” says Sam Yagan of New York-based OK Cupid, one of the larger online matchmakers. “It’s always been one of our best markets, there are more techies, more early adopters than anywhere else.”

All the Single Ladies: Alert! Successful, Fit, Commitment-Oriented Bachelor

I'm a successful, moderately good-looking guy, in great shape, good personality (or so I'm told), single and alone in this city. I am in my early 40s but look 10 years younger and every one of my friends gives me the "how are you still single?" routine. I'm somewhat new to the city, and I think I'm in the wrong venues: Bars/nightclubs just aren't doing it. I don't want a one-night stand, temporary fix, or "hipster life." I want substance, support, conversation, debate, challenges and an honest-to-god connection. If you know the secret spots in the city where I should be going, or things I should be doing, please give me a heads up? I'm trying my best to make the so-called "horrible dating scene" in SF better, but I'm just not having any luck. —SF Bachelor Profiles: The Ultimate SF Girl and Guy


Home to the Summer of Love, the place where you leave your heart—this city is known for being in touch with its emotions. As poets and progressives, we embrace therapy and gender-bending sexuality. As tech nerds, we've got sexting down pat. But these are the very things that make love a minefield. From the hookup to the breakup, it's all a risky proposition—starting with the first online date.

Taken from the pages of 7x7’s April Sex and Love Issue, these are not real Match profiles, so don't go looking them up.

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