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McGuire Round Table

McGUIRE Roundtable Round 4

Understanding the real estate market can be difficult. The Market is forever changing while buyers and sellers are constantly being bombarded by information from the media. McGuire's Top Producers Roundtable (a four part series appearing in 7x7) strives to make sense of it all with a quarterly perspective from some of the city's most successful agents. Take a look at what buyers are looking for—green, eco-efficient homes—and find out why McGuire is the brokerage of choice for clients and agents.

1. What's your outlook for residential real estate sales in San Francisco thru the New Year?

The McGuire Roundtable Questionnaire – Round #2 –

1.    How was the start of the real estate market at the beginning of this year? What is your outlook for the rest of 2007?

TT: The first quarter of 2007 has been relatively slow due to a lack of inventory. However, now there are a lot of buyers out there. I have buyers who were reluctant to get in the market last year due to media reports of a bubble in the San Francisco real estate market; who now have confidence in the economy and the local market, realizing that the media reports regarding “The Bay Area Market” are not specific to the SF market.

McGuire 7x7 Roundtable: 1st Round

The real estate market is confusing. With its ups and downs not just in the Bay Area but also nationally, it’s hard to make sense out of it all. In an effort to parse down the dizzying amount of information, McGuire presents Top Producers’ Roundtable, a quarterly perspective on what’s happening in the San Francisco real estate market from some of the most successful agents in the city. Top Producers Roundtable will appear in the March, May, July and October issues of 7x7. This quarter, the team compares national and local real estate trends, the value of San Francisco real estate while offering reasons why now’s a good time to buy.



Can I find out the value of my home through the Internet?


You can get some idea of your home's value by searching the Internet. A number of Web sites and services crunch the numbers from historic public records of home sales to produce the statistics. Some services offer an actual estimate of value based on acceptable software appraisal standards. They also depend on historic home sales records to calculate the estimate.
Neither of these services produce official appraisals. They also don't factor in market nuances or other issues a certified appraiser or real estate professional might in assessing the value of your home.


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