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Memory Tapes

Memory Tapes Defy Genre at Slim's

Can chillwave really be all that “chill” in the live setting? With apologies to the kids too baked to move, live instrumentation has a way of turning blissful ambiance into head-thrusting, dance-pop affairs. We saw it a few weeks ago with Washed Out at GAMH, which turned trippy pop experimentation into an orgiastic dance affair. And last night at Slim’s, The Memory Tapes inspired something similar, winning dancing hearts and head-bobbing minds with a sound more rooted in tradition pop ideas than any new genre-of-the-moment branding would suggest.

Noise Pop Last Night: Memory Tapes, Birds & Batteries, Loquat

It was a mashup of sorts last night at Bottom of the Hill - the sounds of Birds & Batteries, Loquat and headliner Memory Tapes don't necessarily go together. But to each his own, and though most of the all-ages crowd was there to shimmy to Memory Tapes, Loquat and Birds & Batteries certainly did their part to impress some local musical talent.

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