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Mexico City

Copita Brings A Little Mexico, Killer Carnitas, To Sausalito

Copita: A Little Mexico By Way Of Sausalito

Copita is a new Mexican restaurant owned by Joanne Weir, who is kind of a big deal. You may recognize her from a number of things: culinary trips across the globe, TV cooking shows, an iPhone app, a wine label. She and co-owner Larry Mindel (of Poggio) were spurred into creating Copita after a competitve bout of margarita-making on his yacht. Now their baby is a full-blown, clay-tiled ode to Mexico City, turning chickens seasoned with chile guajillo in a huge rotisserie—a notable change of pace amidst the burger and Italian joints of Sausalito.

A Taqueria Revelation, Straight From The DF

just got back from a trip to Mexico. We spent half of the time in Mexico City (smoggy in air but very cool in spirit, especially if you stay in the lovely Condesa neighborhood at my new favorite bed and breakfast, The Red Tree House) and half of the time in Isla Mujeres (that, while beautiful, was a little too full of Hotel California-loving tourists for my taste).

Beyond getting away from it all, I think the main reason to travel is for the revelatory, a-ha moments it can provide. In the case of Mexican cuisine, I had this one: Mexican food is only as good as its salsa.

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