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Get Into the Holiday Spirit(s) at the Indy Expo

The word "Expo" doesn't usually have positive connotations: a failed Home Depot spinoff, a failed Canadian baseball team, and myriad obligatory corporate functions come to mind. This holiday season, however, there's one expo that everyone can get behind: the Indy Spirits Expo, which brings a host of independent liquor producers to SF for a night of sampling. This year's Expo is tomorrow (Wednesday), so grab a big meal and get ready to find some gifts to give (or receive) come December.

Bay Area Power Couples: WISH & Mighty Nightclub's Isabel & Sean Manchester

It's hard to start a business in the Bay Area. And even harder to make it successful. We're inspired by the couples who have done it together and have decided to highlight them every week in our new "Bay Area Power Couples" blog series. This week, meet the man and wife team behind SOMA nightclubs WISH and Mighty, Isabel and Sean Manchester.

Welcome To The ‘Medicine Show’: Madlib At Mighty

He’s based down in blue-collar Oxnard, draws his handle from the word game and cops to the acronym Mind Altering Demented Lessons in Beats, but Madlib also has his share of connects to the Bay. The man (born Otis Jackson Jr.) is a staple on Stones Throw Records, which was founded in the Peninsula under the careful ministrations of the once-San Mateo-rooted Peanut Butter Wolf. The label eventually up and moved down south, but its most prolific producer Madlib is up for a DJ set Friday, Jan. 29, at Mighty.

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