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Mike Tyson

Sound, Fury and Firewater, Signifying Nothing: 'The Hangover Part II'

A seemingly interminable slog through the Bangkok underworld, where a familiar scenario plays itself out to the point of exhaustion for three wedding-bound wrecks – searching once more for a misplaced buddy – arrives by way of The Hangover Part II. Whether nostalgia in this case breeds delight or contempt depends on which aspects of the original Hangover (2009) you remember most fondly.

Indie Theater Roundup: 7 Movies to See This Week

After a surprisingly funny cameo in Todd Phillips' smash comedy The Hangover, "Iron" Mike Tyson returns to the big screen this Sunday for a two-night stand at the Red Vic. Catch him if you can. If not, there are plenty of worthwhile alternatives playing this week at an indie theater near you.

James Toback Scores a Knockout with Tyson

Former heavyweight champion turned cautionary tale Mike Tyson has been described as a lot of things – a thief, a rapist, an animal unleashed and, during his professional heyday, the most terrifying fighter on the planet – but rarely has he been presented as sympathetic.

That changes in James Toback’s Tyson, a featured selection at the San Francisco International Film Festival, in which the once dominating boxer tells his story in painfully candid detail, acknowledging his eventual ambivalence toward the sport that made him a superstar and repeatedly professing his desire to lead a better, more righteous life.

Indie Theater Roundup: 14 Films To See at the 52nd San Francisco International Film Festival

Whether you’re in the mood to learn more about one of the most feared prizefighters of the modern era, two of Walt Disney’s most celebrated songwriters, or the inventive animated shorts of A Thousand Pictures, the next two weeks of America’s longest-running film festival, which kicked off last night and ends May 7, will feature roughly 200 films and plenty of associated merriment. Here’s a list of what we want to watch.

The Boys: The Sherman Brothers’ Story

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