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Mine is a Social Ownership Directory of People and Products

“We are trying to do something that's never been pulled off -- to build a platform where it is easy for people to share what they've bought,” says Mine co-founder and CEO Pierre Legrain. “We are about creating a directory of ownership, of people and their recent purchasing history of items they want to share.”

At first glance, this may remind you of the ill-fated startup Blippy, which allowed people to see what their friends were purchasing with credit cards in real-time.

“So it turns out that almost nobody wants people to check out their purchases,” was the memorable way Alexia Tsotsis started off her Blippy obit in TechCrunch in May 2011.

Disaster Dogs: Documentary about the Pets of Katrina Premieres Tomorrow at The Roxie

Anyone who’s ever loved a dog won’t make it 12 seconds into Mine’s trailer without feeling like your heart’s been yanked out of your rib cage with pliers. How anyone will get through this movie without shedding a few tears (or completely dehydrating) is beyond me. Men taking dates, you are forewarned.

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