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Mission Street Food

Reading Roundup: This Week's Top Literary Events

Each week, we offer a roundup of the best literary events in the city. All events are free and open to the public, unless otherwise noted. Want to submit an upcoming event for consideration? Go here.

David Lebovitz (The Sweet Life in Paris)

Tuesday, August 30th, 6-7 pm, at Omnivore Books on Food (3885a Cesar Chavez St.)

Mission Street Food: The Book

The launch for McSweeney’s Insatiable imprint—its new line of food books—is Mission Street Food, a memoir and cookbook from the little restaurant that could (and the one we now know as Mission Chinese Food). There’s something synergistic about a by-the-seat-of-its-pants food-truck-to-restaurant success story being published by a similarly independently-minded book publisher—both based in the Mission District. Neither venture has ever seemed to care about making money first which has allowed them the freedom to do quirky things like, say, have a pirate theme at 826 Valencia or start a restaurant within a restaurant.     

Market Watch: Shopping with Chef Leif Hedendal

Every week, Lulu Meyer brings us the best of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Shop on!

Chef Chris Kronner: Out of a Job and Life is Beautiful

Yesterday, the New York Times was full of relevant food news, from the hopeful (White House garden) to the bleak (the number of talented chefs out of jobs).

An all-American meal at Mission Street Food

I'm guessing that if you're reading this then you didn't spend the Inauguration in Washington. In that case, let me bring to your attention the slightly belated inauguration dinner hosted by the Mission Street Food crew at Lung Shan restaurant in the Mission tomorrow (Thursday) night.

Missed the Hipster Taco Truck? Don't Worry, This Might Be Better

New restaurants? Exciting. New renegade one-day-a-week restaurants with a rotating roster of guest chefs, an ever-changing menu and a rental kitchen? Sign us up. For all of you who missed Mission Street Food, the short lived “hipster” taco truck that appeared for a few Thursday nights this fall, now is your chance to sample the goods. The operation has moved indoors.

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