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Lucky Peach Readies To Stir the Pot

























I have to give it up for McSweeney's. Just as the world was ready to say "Newspapers are dead," the publishers printed the one time only Panorama newspaper, reminding us all how exciting it can be to read newsprint with the wingspan of a vulture. And while we've been holding our hammer to put the final nail in the coffin for food magazines (R.I.P. Gourmet), McSweeney's has been readying to release Lucky Peach.

What NY Restaurants Can Teach You About SF

As you might know, I was in NYC last week on an eating binge. My hit list:

Charles Phan's Heaven's Dog & Noodle Shop on the Eve of Opening

Now that Charles Phan is about to open his latest restaurant, Heaven's Dog & Noodle Shop, comparisons between the San Francisco super-star chef and his New York equivalent, Momofuku empire-keeper David Chang, seem inevitable. They both now preside over some of the best-loved restaurants in their respective cities, serving Asian food with a decidedly modern bent. Reservations are hard to come by at both Slanted Door and Momofuku, Ko and Momofuku Ssam bar. Chang's recently opened Momofuku Bakery–Milk Bar is his fourth venture, and Heaven's Dog makes baby number three for Phan.

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