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Morimoto Napa

Napa Valley Late Night: Where to Go After the Party (Or Dinner)

There are tons of summer celebrations in Napa Valley, but what do you do when the wedding reception's over, the wineries are closed, or you want another drink or two after dinner? Not long ago, the answer would be to pop a cork in your hotel room, but these days the Valley has plenty of options for night owls.

The Morimoto Touch: The Knife-Wielding Iron Chef Turns Napa on Its Head

From the envelope-pushing vegetarian Ubuntu to Neela’s, the Indian restaurant opened by Neela Paniz, the town of Napa is bound and determined to become a dining destination like Yountville. But unlike its popular sibling, Napa is bucking wine country’s typical Eurocentric point of view—most impactfully by the opening of the trendy Japanese-influenced Morimoto Napa. Although Food Network celeb chef Masaharu Morimoto has five other restaurants to attend to, you might spot the 55-year-old at this insta-scene attending to the kitchen in a chef’s coat, homeboy-style shorts, and white sneakers. Surrounded by diners downing sake and pricey sushi, you could easily be somewhere far away, like Honolulu—which is exactly where his next restaurant is headed this fall.

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