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Outside Lands 2011: Muse

Photos by Grady Brannan

What seemed like a hundred thousand people filled every nook and cranny of the Lands' End main stage to see Muse, the British band that is known for its insanely epic live shows. Muse is confounding. When you ask anyone if they've heard of them, it's a fifty-fifty chance you'll get either a blank stare or instant, vehement recognition.

Emptying Your Wallet for A Slice of Coachella in the Bay Area

Coachella's done it again. The slew of Indio-bound acts rolling through the Bay Area sold out faster than you can pitch a tent. Which translates to outrageous ticket prices, some to over 400% of their original value. Let's take a gander at what people are thinking these shows are worth:


Jordan Catalano, Vampire Weekend, Muse to Play Live 105's NSSN 2009

Not So Silent Night, the annual holiday concert brought to you by the golden ears at Live 105 is a gift you don't have to feel guilty opening early. This year's extravaganza at the Oracle Arena on December 11th features Muse (England's reigning prog rock champs), AFI (get out the mascara), 30 Seconds to Mars (Jordan Catalano's–err Jared Leto's–emo rock band), Ivy League hipsters Vampire Weekend, and Canada's Metric, fronted by the smoking hot Emily Haines.


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