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Napa Valley Insider

Coombsville Gets Uncorked: The Napa Region is Becoming Its Own AVA

Coombsville has long been known as one of the best and most diverse grape growing regions in Napa Valley by winemakers and insiders, and it’s about to become the next hotspot for visitors in the know.  The closest point in Napa Valley to San Francisco (bordering downtown Napa and only 14 miles from the bay), Coombsville is made up of vine-covered hills called “rolling benchlands," and is on the cusp of officially being deemed its own AVA (American Viticultural Area).

The Top 7 Most Romantic Things to Do in Napa

Thinking about a trip up to Napa with your sweetie? To help you wade through the offerings, here's a list of the top 7 most romantic things to do in Napa.

Napa Valley Insider: 'The Next Generation in Wine' Carries on the Family Biz

The Next Generation In Wine or NG was created over a casual lunch in 2006 to bring together the next generation of Napa Valley’s family wineries. Although there is a range of ages in the group, they all share the daunting but enviable responsibility of taking over the family biz. I had the pleasure of joining the NG for their holiday party and although they definitely still do what the club was originally created to do, “socialize and have fun” (aka party), they’ve moved beyond the buzz. 

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