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The Royal Wedding Viewing and Breakfast at The Palace Hotel

Though London and San Francisco are in two different time zones, on April 29 royalty and commoners everywhere were celebrating Prince William's marriage to Catherine Middleton.

I Was a "Trauma" Extra

We all want to be on TV, but as Ricky Gervais' show "Extras" has taught star-hopeful viewers, being an extra, a person who hangs out in the background to set the scene for the main actors, isn't pretty. The pay is low, the hours are long, and the work can be simultaneously boring and embarrassing. Knowing all this, you may be wondering why I signed myself up to be an extra on "Trauma," but there's a good reason-- save for my freelance work here at 7x7, I'm unemployed, and the good people at "Trauma" have been providing important supplements to my rent payments.

School Kids Psyched about Bangs and Crashes From NBC's "Trauma"

You can’t sneeze in New York without running into a film crew or Woody Allen shooting his latest movie. Here in San Francisco, not so much.

But for those who love to gawk and star spot and try to be an extra, three new TV shows are set – and filmed – in the Bay Area.

Today, kids at Live Oak School in Potrero Hill were warned that a film crew from the new NBC series Trauma would be shooting nearby. Trauma (which premieres Monday, Septmeber 28) is a "high-octane medical drama," follows a group of so-called ‘heroic paramedics.’

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