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Neve Campbell

Ghostface Gets His Murderous Mojo Back in a Killer Resurrection of 'Scream'

Ten years have passed since the bloody havoc of the original Scream, and Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), the surviving heroine of three previous run-ins with the so-called Ghostface Killer, has returned home to promote her new self-help book. Can she avoid another bloodbath, or is she doomed to relive the nightmare?
Need you ask? Arriving more than a decade after the lackluster Scream 3, in which Wes Craven’s second juggernaut franchise (after the Nightmare on Elm Street series) seemed to run out of gas, the director’s fourth entry – another collaboration with original screenwriter Kevin Williamson – once again tweaks the conventions of the genre, poking fun at the “rules” of reboots and the recent spate of Hollywood remakes.

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