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5 Topics Everyone Will Be Discussing Over Brunch

The famous Half Moon Bay pumpkins are shrinking, Playboy magazine is covering up, and more news from the past week. 

5 Topics Everyone Will Be Discussing Over Brunch

Whale Almost Collapses onto Kayakers, USAToday

Two kayakers had a very close encounter over the weekend as a breaching humpback whale landed on top of them. Onlookers during a Sanctuary Cruises whale tour outside of Moss Landing, Calif., saw the whale take the couple under the water...Video of the frightening sight was taken by Sanctuary Cruises passenger Larry Plants."

3,000 Bicyclers to Power Oakland Music FestivalSFWeekly

5 Topics Everyone Will Be Discussing Over Brunch

The "Flintstones home" is on the market, McDonald's is serving breakfast all day, and more amazing news items from the past week. 

Curious Corduroy About Town

There's a mystery around town in the form of corduroy-wrapped mannequins. My first sighting didn't phase me, but then I spotted another in a different part of town and it seemed a very unlikely coincidence. That's when I decided to make a little project out of it—a photo diary of these strange occurrences. Check out these pictures of the four I've spotted and post a comment if you've seen any others that I've missed. Chances are we might have a prize for anyone who can crack this case.

Azalea in Hayes Valley


Fire Escape in Union Square


Recession Shopping Strategy: Look But Don’t Touch

If the economic tempest in which our nation presently finds itself prompts a tidal wave of shopping guilt, here’s a simple tactic to curb your impulse-buying urges: keep your mitts to yourself. And we’re not talking about the ones intended for use with an oven (if that’s the kind of thing you’re into). We’re talking about your hands. Touching, it seems, may increase your likelihood of purchasing.

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