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7 Sexy Things

Topless A Go Go Returns!
Daily, 6pm–2am, Condor Club, 560 Broadway, 415-781-8222

You’ve never been, not once? Well, it’s time: Check out the topless entertainment, risqué burlesque dancers and VIP Champagne lounges. And it’s returning so it must be worthwhile. Plus it’s at the legendary Condor Club. Text “CONDOR” to 35350 for your free admission.

7 Sexy Things

As we head into the end of May and the beginning of summer, keep these (mostly) local events on your radar should you feel the need to turn up the heat.

1. Masturbate-a-thon
Sunday, May 25, at the Center for Sex & Culture downtown
Just think: Sex with someone you love, and for a great cause.
2. Ask the Doctors: Masturbation

Good Moaning

I’ve been thinking a lot about noisy sex lately. Not because I can hear my neighbors having sex, but because the volume of noise during sex can send some friends, lovers and certainly neighbors over the edge. Then I read this Yahoo news story about the effects of grunting during exercise, and it got me even more curious about the correlation between noise and good sex. 

SF vs. LA

Who’s getting it on, what turns you on, and does the size of anything really matter?

I was in LA this week, and to my delight, Los Angeles Magazine just published highlights from its “first annual sex survey.”  If San Francisco and Los Angeles ever seemed worlds apart to you, the following may just solidify that sentiment.

SF vs. LA
photography by Christian Carroll

So Much Sex, So Little Time

I’ve been known to read more about sex than to actually have it, but that’s a blog for another time. Back to the stuff I’ve been reading. … Recent news includes: 

“Seniors are still having sex well into their 70s, 80s and 90s.” 

“Half of all teens have had oral sex.” 

“Married people have more sex than their single counterparts.”

My recent favorite is: “When men and women were asked to choose one thing they couldn't live without—sex, chocolate or alcohol, men said sex was five times more important than chocolate, with alcohol a close second.”

Sex and Online Dating

What is it with online dating that turns normally cautious women into easy pickins’?

My friend Marnie, 36, recently had the classic online date-turned-one night stand, which ended—how else?—disappointingly. “I had taken a break from online dating,” she told me, “but I was ready to start again. I received a message from a guy who wrote: ‘Hey, I am not giving up. You haven't emailed me back, but I'd like to have coffee or a drink with you.’“

So, she decided to give it a try and sent him a note. He was quick to respond, writing: “I know it sounds like a line, but you have an AMAZING smile, the kind that I would love to bask in.”

Singles Beget Singles

You’ve been warned: San Francisco is the best city for singles, according to Forbes.

If you take the logical leap, you may find this bit of news to be promising: More single people must mean we’re all on the fast track to committed bliss.

Well, I’m sorry to report that more single people, especially in this town, simply breeds more single people.

Sure, if you’re looking for fun, a massive online dating pool and a super cool vibe (one of the statistics that pushed SF to number one was our “coolness” factor), you’re psyched.

Once Committed, Twice as Sexy

The best new pick-up line around town may just be: “I’m divorced.”

photo by Julia Galdo

On Wednesday, I blogged about the rise in casual sex in San Francisco and heard from many of you about your sexual exploits (thanks for sharing and please keep them coming!), and I noticed an interesting trend: People who’ve been married or in serious committed relationships were more likely to be open to and enjoying casual sex.

“I've been divorced for about eight months, and I've had more sex in that time

Who’s Having Sex in SF?

Are you having sex in San Francisco? Tell me about it.

It’s well documented (at least on my show) that your single brothers and sisters in New York, Los Angeles and every other major American city (where lots of single people abound) think that THEY live in the worst dating town ever.

But casual sex, my friends, is definitely on the rise.

To clarify: casual sex, hooking up, etc., refers to “sexual activity outside the context of a romantic relationship, consisting of a range of informal sexual encounters.” This according to Wikipedia’s explanation.

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