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The 10 Most Memorable Moments in Bay Area Super Bowl History

In case you didn't know: The Golden State hosted the first-ever Super Bowl back in 1967, and has been the site of 10 out of 50 big games—making California second (tied with Louisiana) only to Florida, which has hosted 15 Super Bowls. 

Game Day: 9 Bars to Watch Football At on Sunday

San Francisco! Fire it up for football season! The action starts tonight, but Sunday's where it's at for Niner fans. They're favored to win their division this season (virtual chest bump) and are opening against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday at 1:15 pm.

Couch-watchers, we respect you (kinda). But for those who need to venture out and revel in that communal adrenaline, here are some solid choices for football-watching bars. Favorite bar not in here? Tell us where you go on Any Given Sunday in the comments.

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