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Storify Seeks to Reinvent Story-Telling for Social Media Era

Journalism is fundamentally about good story-telling. Which is why San Francisco-based Storify looks to be a journalist's dream come true.

This little company has built a revolutionary new platform for publishing and distributing stories. More than any other tool out there, it makes it easy for you, the writer, to add content from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and other social media sites to your story with a simple "drop and drag" function.

So if you find a Tweet from someone on a topic you are covering -- say, the uprising in Libya -- you can grab it and also ping that person back, telling them you are quoting them in your story.They will then more than likely reTweet your story, and help it go viral.

NPR Takes On the Music of the Decade

The past decade has been filled with genre-bending breakthroughs, so-so bands making it big, complete trainwrecks for musicians, and mind-blowingly amazing live performances among many other things. It's that time of the year again when people start rounding up their year-end's best lists, only this year NPR's All Songs Considered (a personal podcast favorite of ours) is twisting it up a little bit. NPR wants you to nominate "The Decade's Most Important Music," quite a huge task to behold upon their listeners. It's only been up two days and already is garnering a circle of debate around it. Quite shockingly there are a lot of indie and lo-fi bands up for nomination.

Paula Poundstone: Still Funny After All Those Beers

Comedien Paula Poundstone says her act has always been autobiographical. “When I was 19, I talked about busing tables and taking public transportation,” she has said. “Now I'm 42 and I'm a single mom and a felon and I talk about that.”

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