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Satirical News Source Oakland Unseen Is "The Onion" of the Bay Area

“Oakland Teen Can’t Stop Quoting Drake.” “Instagram Adds Legendary Protester Frank Chu to Your Photos.” “Oakland-Themed Hotel to Open in Las Vegas.” If these headlines feel lifted from a Bay Area version of The Onion, you’re not far off. Oakland native Matt Werner has been mixing humor and biting social commentary for Oakland Unseen—his online newspaper-cum-Youtube series—since 2012, hoping to deliver important stories from Oakland in a way that will get millennials to listen. 

Oakland Gets Its Own Version of The Onion

You may have seen Matt Werner and his cronies peddling the paper—dressed up like 1920s street vendors—at last Friday's Art Murmur. Some of you may have even picked it up. If you did, you no doubt got a few chuckles out of the Bay Area's version of the infamous Onion.

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