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50 Things to Do in Oakland Before You Die

San Franciscans have been known to stick up their nose at Oakland - often considered SF's grimy, suburban little sister. But anyone who's spent time in The Town knows it's got a vibrant arts culture, incredible foodie scene, and strong sense of community and history all to itself.

Scraper Bike Movement Transforming Bikes and Lives

How do you keep at-risk Oakland youth from getting into trouble and staying in school? Tyrone Stevenson, aka “The Scraper King” has an answer: give them a bike, let them customize it and ride together as a community—but only if you maintain a 2.0 GPA and take really good care of your ride.

Oakland Gets Its Own Version of The Onion

You may have seen Matt Werner and his cronies peddling the paper—dressed up like 1920s street vendors—at last Friday's Art Murmur. Some of you may have even picked it up. If you did, you no doubt got a few chuckles out of the Bay Area's version of the infamous Onion.

At Campovida, Taste Mendocino...In Oakland

It’s not the most obvious combination: a Chilean making Italian varietal wine in a remote pocket of Mendocino County.

Oakland Trendsetter Sherri McMullen On Life and Style Across the Bay

Sherri McMullen is the owner and tastemaker of McMullen. Since she first opened her shop in 2007, Sherri has moved up from the original Piedmont Avenue space to the store's current airy and sophisticated space on Grand Avenue.

Weekend Outing: Oakland's Temescal Alley

A row of former horse stables just off Oakland’s 49th street has become a destination micro community for Bay Area 
artisans and designers. Here's what not to miss.

Heating Up: SF Filmmakers Head to SXSW

For two weeks (March 8th-18th), a strange sort of gravity created by SXSW brings Texas and San Francisco a whole lot closer. We lose some of our best musicians, filmmakers and party people (with expense accounts, naturally) to a head-spinning array of screenings, parties, and–if they play their cards right–some of the best barbecue they'll ever have. 

First Bite: Yonsei Ramen Shop at Hopscotch

Pork Chashu Ramen

Ever get that all-too-common, late-night craving for a hot bowl of ramen?  Maybe you’ve been out drinking, maybe you’ve just been working late, but nothing says midnight snack like steaming ramen. Well, it's your lucky day:  Hopscotch, a Japanese-American fusion restaurant and one of Oakland’s newest bragging rights, has been wowing ravenous late-night eaters with their Friday night pop-up, Yonsei Ramen Shop.

Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge

 New Parkway Theater, Oakland

There are plenty of ways across the Bay to stay out of the rain and avoid the last-minute Christmas shoppers this weekend. Following are three of our favorites.

Get Ready For Oakland's Eat Real Fest

Now that Oakland's biggest festival of all things food, drink and DIY is in its fourth year, most food-conscious types know that Eat Real Fest is a big deal. Proof positive: 150,000 enthusiasts are expected to attend this weekend, starting at 1 pm on Friday and going until the last keg is drained on Sunday at 5 pm. Admission is free, but bring cash for all the vendors, and invest in a pair of elastic waistband pants for maximum benefits.  Here now, our guide to the madness. 

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