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Consumed: The Best Things I've Eaten This Week

I've got three cures for the winter blues on this rainy day.

Strauss Free Raised dropped off some veal samples for me to try recently and I finally pulled some of them out of the freezer. I'll admit that rather hypocritically, I generally steer clear of veal, but will happily dig into a cute, little roast suckling pig. Maybe it's a pork thing. Give me pig or give me death.

Strauss (which sells its products at Whole Foods) is clearly trying to rid veal of its old stigma. You know that terrible poster child of a doe-eyed calf that's been chained and raised in a box? It's emblazened into my brain.

In Increasingly Food-Centric Napa, Oenotri Is The New Varietal of Italian

In Napa, there’s a restaurant called Tuscany. Located in the heart of downtown, the 12-year-old establishment is the kind of Italian joint that serves tiramisu and has a cover band at night.

This is Napa’s old idea of Italian. The new one is represented by Oenotri—a restaurant with Neapolitan-style pizza, house-made pastas that are judiciously sauced, roasted meats, and earnest talk of regionality and staying true to Italy’s soul. Opened in 2010 by Curtis Di Fede and Tyler Rodde—two chefs who met while working at Oliveto in Oakland—the restaurant will resonate with anyone eating their way through SF, where places like Flour + Water, Locanda, and Cotogna rule the roost. But in Napa, which is just getting its foodie foothold, Oenotri 
is a standout.

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