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olio nuovo

SF Chefs on Their Favorite Olive Oils

For a recent article on chefs and their favorite olio nuovos, I also asked them all what olive oils they use in general. Here are some of their favorites. Take note: The very approachably-priced California Olive Ranch brand was noted by more than one chef as their favorite for general use. I have some in my own cupboard. For the rest of these olive oils, I see Christmas presents.

Italy's Ultra-Fresh Olio Nuovo Is Officially In Season & Dominating SF Menus

You’ve got to be gentle with it,” warns Perbacco’s chef Staffan Terje (pictured) of Italy’s powerful olio nuovo—the extra-virgin olive oil that’s being cold-pressed, bottled up, and shipped to restaurants now. It’s so fresh, it’s likened to drinking milk from a cow.

Christmas Countdown: Spanking New Olive Oil

You've got until next Friday to finalize your gifts for your foodie friends and family. Your time is similarly limited when it comes to olio nuovo, olio nuevo or—a less cool way to say it—new olive oil. The fall is when most of the olives around here are pressed and the oil is generally available at the latest until mid-winter. New olive oil is peppery, robust and has some serious personality compared to its mellower, older sibling. Here are a few we'd recommend. They make great, if heavy, stocking stuffers.

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