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Ondi Timoner

With 'Cool It,' Filmmakers Dare to Question Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth'

In the five years since An Inconvenient Truth turned former presidential hopeful Al Gore into a celebrity environmentalist and helped make the future of our planet a chief concern in the minds of moviegoers and voters alike, significant progress in the fight against global warming and carbon emissions has proven elusive.

Home Movies: ‘We Live in Public’ Examines a Web Pioneer’s Heartbreaking Works of Staggering Genius

If you’ve never heard of Josh Harris, the Internet pioneer whose brazen empire-building and lavishly constructed social experiments inspired Ondi Timoner’s new documentary We Live in Public, you’re not alone. Neither had MySpace founder Chris DeWolfe, until Harris arrived at the website’s corporate headquarters years after his withdrawal from public life to pitch his latest project, a web-casting network already boasting thousands of users.

That, perhaps, is the most striking irony of his story – that the man whose reckless exhibitionism made him an online celebrity has been largely forgotten, except by the people who knew him.

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