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Photos from the Weekend: Esurance ICER AIR 2008

Check out photos from this year's Esurance ICER AIR at McCovey Cove, which featured some of the world's best skiers snowboarders, skaters, BMX bikers and motocrossers.

View photos from this event.

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San Francisco is Number 1, Again

We know, we're awesome.  Conde Nast Traveler announced today that its readers voted San Francisco the #1 city to visit in the U.S.

Photo Gallery: The 2008 Hot 20 Under 40 Party

The who's who of SF gathered amongst antelopes, hartebeests and (very curious) penguins at the California Academy of Science's African Hall last Friday for the 7x7 2008 Hot 20 Under 40 party, sponsored by Johnnie Walker.   Jennifer Siebel Newsom (with birthday boy, Gavin Newsom), Tim Alexander, the

Hooman at Alice 97.3 Wants YOU to Vote

The drama of the presidential race has reached a sizzling peak - heated up by the VP debates last night, which were no where near the Palin-train-wreck people were predicting (or maybe wanting) and of course, the economic crisis.    The race has been the most talked about in decades - we've been following the candidate's every move on CNN, E! and the tabloids.  So turn all that time spent into action - step up on November 4th and VOTE.  

Palin-Biden Showdown: Where to Watch

Hot Mess (according to Urban Dictionary):
-When one looks terrible, or acts in such a way that makes them unpleasant to be around
-A person that looks just pitiful
-When a problem or situation is past the point of fixing

Courtney Love
Hammer pants
Potentially, tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate

Happy Hour! Presidential Debates! Drama! Where to Watch in SF

Every so often, a monumental event takes place on television that we ALL must tune in and watch. A civic duty of sorts for the voyeuristic set. Will Tom Brady live up to expectations and bring a Superbowl victory to the Patriots? Negative, Ghostrider. Will Britney's performance of "Gimme More" at the VMA's launch her career comeback? Not so much. And can we really stand an entire hour of home videos comprised of dads getting sacked in the nuts by their kids? The answer: yes we can!

Architecture and the City: Park(ing) Day

Biking to work along Valencia today, I was reminded (suddenly) that today is Park(ing) Day, the day in which humble parking spots morph into temporary green space. Here was the first hint, next to the gas station at 24th Street. (Apologies for the phone-camera image quality--guess who forgot to recharge her camera's battery?)

There were four in all, by my count, along Valencia, including, of course, a pirate ship you know where:

"Rock N Roll" Opens at ACT: A User's Guide

Summer Serafin in the opening scene of Rock 'N' Roll (photo by Kevin Berne, courtesy of ACT)

Surf/Shark Report

As many of those who don wet suits know, it's shark season. They start to lurk in the waters with arrival of NFL preseason, and don't leave till the Super Bowl.

Since August 24th, when Stintson Beach was closed after a sighting, there have been 4 sightings at Ocean Beach, most recently September 14th, when a man surfing 2-3 foot waves around Sloat Ave watched a shark rip into a seal. Upon sharing this info with other surfers, most chose to stay in the water. They must have figured he was full.

James Curd

To those of you in the electronic music scene James Curd is nothing new with multiple projects including The Greenskeepers, songs on TV and in video games including Grand Theft Auto and even an upcoming single on DFA entitled "We Just Won't Stop" he is a man of many talents and here is one more....
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