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outdoor dining

Six New Restaurants with Outdoor Seating

Our springy, almost summery weather means it’s time to start dining outside—well, on the nights when we’re not getting blown away, or Karl the Fog has invited himself to dinner. Then again, we’re San Franciscans, we’ve got this.

Outdoor Dining: The Best Hidden Patios in the City


Some of the best outdoor dining to be done in SF is tucked away out of sight. Here are some of our favorite patios. Tell us what we've missed in the comments.

Chez Spencer (Mission)
If you're feeling fancy, Chez Spencer has a garden patio worth your money. Relax to the twinkling keys of the piano inside as you dine on foie gras and duck and wash it all down with one or two martinis or take a gander at their all-French wine list. 82 14th St., 415-864-2191

Outdoor Dining: The Unexpected Hit List

Hot days and warm nights are finally here! Now where to eat outside? Sure, you know Foreign Cinema and pretty much any restaurant at the Ferry Building (from Slanted Door to Gott's). You've probably hung out drinking pisco sours on the patio at La Mar, had a bowl of mussels along Belden Place or done your share of carbo canoodling at Sociale. But when you're racking your brain for somewhere else, somewhere less expected, return to this list.

The Plant Cafe: Outdoor Dining at Its Most Organic

I'm a person that never feels like they can get enough of summer. Knowing that the season is fleeting makes me greedily eat as many peaches as possible. The same goes with the Indian summer in SF; I have this urge to dine outside every minute I can—all the while, looking, in a slight panic, towards the horizon to see if I can see the fog threatening to spill over. I feel it's important not to waste a moment of blue sky. (Except when you're at your desk writing a blog.)

The Best Outdoor Dining Spots in the City

It finally feels like summer in SF. Here are the best spots to eat (and drink) outdoors.

Slanted Door
The best news we've heard in a while? Fourty-four seats have just opened up on the Slanted Door's patio, overlooking the waterfront. An order of summer rolls, cold beef carpaccio with peanuts and lime and cellophane noodles with fresh crab, make perfect warm-weather fare. Cocktail aficionados will appreciate the ice program here too; just ask.

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