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Our 5 Favorite Pancakes in San Francisco

Our 5 Favorite Pancakes in San Francisco

Is San Francisco a pancake town? Flipping through chocolate chip-studded pumpkin pancakes at Dottie's (28 6th St.), Southern style sweet potato cakes at Brenda's (653 Polk St.) brunch, and even delicious savory takes at Nan Korean (1560 Fillmore St.) and Suppenkuche (525 Laguna), I'm still not sure. It's not easy to find the classic golden Bisquick numbers around here, but San Francisco is certainly a place for seasonal, atypical riffs that probably shouldn't get within an arm's length of Aunt Jemima. Here, our top five very San Francisco pancakes, with one classic take thrown in for good measure.

A Baker's Dozen: The 12 Best Cookies in San Francisco

7x7 sent out a simple tweet on Tuesday about cookies and things got heated up pretty quickly. The baked-fresh-daily Specialty's cookie quickly rose to the top as a crowd favorite. Not surprising, since the California chain has six bakeries in the Financial District and a Cookie Radar—making their warm blood-sugar boosters an easy work-day grab for a lot of people. But we've found other perfectly crispy, crumbly, gooey delights in the unlikeliest of places too.

Secret Recipe: Outerlands' Clam and Mussel Stew

7x7 asks the city's chefs for the recipes to their most loved cocktails, bar snacks, starters, mains, and desserts. If there's a dish you can't stop thinking about and want to make at home, email Your wish may end up on the blog, along with the actual recipe from the chef.

The Best Bowls of Soup in SF

It's a bit chilly and all we can think about is soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here's some (that aren't pho or ramen) we're dreaming of. Are we missing any? Bring on the suggestions for your favorite soups!

Locked & Loaded: Finding a Fix in the Western Avenues

Life has been nothing but boxes in recent weeks. After eleven years spent in the Mission, Nopa, and the Haight, I'm moving out to the avenues. I'm excited about the new neighborhood, but also a little worried I'm going to have culture shock. Not because of the fog, the Haight is little better and the view from my window is pure gray at the moment. Nor am I worried about nightlife, my carousing days are long behind me. Rather, I'm worried about my ability to get a decent cup of coffee or shot of espresso with any regularity. 

It's F-ing Cold Outside: What to Eat to Warm Up

An old building with big windows and skylights, our office at 7x7 is very cold right now. Editors are dressed in coats, scarves and jackets and drinking copious amount of tea. Which has us all thinking about warming, comforting foods and where to get them.

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Sidewalk Chic: Hints of Spring on the Embarcadero

Name: Zoe Fisher

Age: 18

Occupation: Student at The Urban School of SF and Fashion Designer (Zoe Alexander)

Spotted: Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, 1:15 p.m.

Wearing: Vintage dress, sweater, sandals, and purse acquired from the Alameda Flea Market, Wasteland, Held Over, and the Vintage Fashion Expo

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