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Outside Lands 2011

Outside Lands 2011: The Shins

Away from the madness of Phish at the end of Outside Lands' first day, The Shins's music built a bubble of gorgeous, serene night music on the Twin Peaks stage. The massive hordes of audience members who had managed to wrangle themselves away from the noodling masses of Phish-world seemed in a revelatory mood, arms in the air and hitting all the highest "oohs" and "aahs" singer James Russell Mercer sent soaring into the night. For a band who hasn't made an album since 2007, it was astonishing how many people were pushing forward, singing every word. It was absolutely a welcome return to form.

Outside Lands 2011: MGMT

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The first huge name act to play Friday, MGMT started off their set as hordes of early-dashing 9-5ers sprinted off the N Judah to the Land's End stage. MGMT's gotten a rap for not bringing the heat as much to their live sets, which was the case here too (unless you were a part of the gyrating crowd pack during "Electric Feel"). They played a lot off of their latest album, Congratulations, an appropriate ethereal accompaniment to the fog pouring in off of Ocean Beach. 

Photos by Misha Vladimirskiy, Video by Catapult Media

Outside Lands 2011: Toro Y Moi

Never judge a book by its cover. Its a recurring theme when it comes to Toro Y Moi, who took the stage close at 3:50 pm sharp on the Twin Peaks stage of Outside Lands. Dressed like a college professor (glasses and all), vocalist, synth-wizard and mastermind Chaz Bundick doesn't look like the kind of musician who hatches some of the funkiest, dreamiest stuff in the music world today. Yet he is, and his ever-evolving, chilled-out sound has been some of the most adventurous of this fest's first day.

Outside Lands By the Numbers

A hundred thousand music fans will make their way to Golden Gate Park this weekend for San Francisco's big-deal music festival and with such mind-boggling numbers, we wondered just how much of this and that the whole shebang requires for three days of smooth sailing. Here's what organizers from Another Planet Entertainment told us:


Port-a-potties: 550

Miles of fencing: 12 miles

Roadies between all the bands that play: 750

Jumbotrons: 2

Security guards: 500

Oysters expected to be shucked this year: 15,000

The Outside Lands Food Lineup (And Music to Pair With It)

Outside Lands' food roster is pretty mouth watering. We weren't sure how many more awesome eateries they could heap onto the pile they already had, but they sure as heck did it. The 2011 list of newbies boasts the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, Memphis Minnie's, Ritual, Straw, 4505 Meats, Kasa, and Salumeria by Flour + Water. But we musn't forget about the music amidst all this tasty fare! Behold, this year's food & music pairings menu to get the most out of your OL adventures.

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