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outside lands

Sunday at Outside Lands...minus the sun

Festivals. What are they if not high priced hassles with no parking, ten dollar beers and port-o-potties you always convince yourself you are never going to use again but always end up caving when it’s time to break that seal? God, I hate festivals. But Outside Lands, you sure are the lesser of these money-sucking evils. And your Sunday lineup was the perfect cap to a three-day musical binge.

Outside Lands Video: Bat for Lashes

So, we'll level with you, Bat for Lashes is pretty freaking cool. And it's not because she's British, rocked a head piece that put the tween hipsters to shame, and had crows and sparkles (oh, and a Jesus?) all over her Outside Lands set (which, naturally, screams, ethereal cool). It's because she's got an amazing voice. Like, operatically amazing. She mesmerized the Panhandle stage with songs like "Daniel" and "Pearl's Dream." Check out "Glass" below.

Outside Lands Video: Black Eyed Peas

Competing with TV on the Radio, who were playing at the same time across the park, The Black Eyed Peas brought the party to the main stage today, revving things up with "Let's Get It Started." Oh, Fergie, you make us want to run to the nearest pilates class.

Outside Lands Video: Portugal. The Man

These guys are a favorite of the cool kids we share an office with at Spin Earth and now we know why. Portugal.The Man lived up to all their hype today and totally rocked out the Panhandle stage. Lead singer John Baldwin Gourley's haunting vocals and drummer Jason Sechrist's (who, we've gotta say it, looks way too much like Napoleon Dynamite) drum-cirlce-esque sessions were definitely enough to convince us to buy tickets to their more intimate show a few weeks from now (Sept 23) at The Independent. Check them out below.

Outside Lands Video: Zion I

Joining Q-Tip (who brought out Phife for "Award Tour" on Friday) as one of the only hip hop acts on the ticket, Zion I/AmpLive brought the noise to the main stage today to represent Bay Area hip hop and kick off a very hot day 2 of Outside Lands. Zion I, who hails from Oakland, is always a welcome, local favorite, and a staple on our 7x7 radar. Check out the beginning of their set below.



Outside Lands Video: The National

The National knows how seasoned indie rock is done – scruffy, tender, anguished, at times screaming, and preferably in an old-British-looking coat. Lead singer Matt Berninger belted out (if you can call that deep of a voice belting) “Abel”, “Slow Show,” “Fake Empire” and other favorites to an adoring crowd at the Sutro Stage. Check out "Mistaken for Strangers” below.

Outside Lands Video: Silversun Pickups

L.A’s Silversun Pickups brought the crowds streaming down the Polo Fields today, treating Golden Gate Park to favorites such as "Lazy Eye" and "Panic Switch." Check out their opener, "Well Thought Out Twinkies," below.


Oustide Lands Video: The Dodos

Playing to a festive (and sweaty) crowd (bikinis, cut-off shorts and straw hats were heavily represented, as was Native American headwear for some reason), the Dodos lived up to their reputation as San Francisco's indie darlings and helped to open up the first day of this year’s Outside Lands Festival at the intimate Sutro Stage in Golden Gate Park. Check out the opening of their set below.

Outside Lands: Our Scheduling Conflict Resolution Guide

It is absolutely inevitable when you show up to a festival that the bookers are clearly going to disregard your personal taste in music and book two (or more) bands that you absolutely have to see at the exact same times. Since you can’t be at two places at once (not yet anyways!), we’re here to tell you where your time would best be served. Here are the time conflict winners:

Geek Out: Outside Lands iPhone App, # Tags and Facebook Scheduler

Music and technology's happy union (see SXSW, Pandora, MySpace) is impressing us once again for Outside Lands, which is shaping up to be quite the tech-fest.

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