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M.I.A. Not So Into Opening for Tenacious D

M.I.A is apparently not so much a fan of Jack Black.  Read her recent tweets about Outside Lands' decision to replace the Beatie Boys with Tenacioud D (via The Owl Mag).


Outside Lands: Best Of Friday

SF’s second annual Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival is just days away. We can hardly wait for the weekend, and we’re especially excited for this year’s OSL night shows (details to come later today) to quench our thirst until Friday. But speaking of Friday, here are our picks for Friday’s must-see acts at Outside Lands. We recommend getting well acquainted with the stage layouts before showing up and running around. It’s going to be a tight schedule, so make sure you plan who you want to see beforehand. Here are our picks for the best of  Friday.

Deal Tracker: Sweet Discounts on Outside Lands Lodging

Need a place to stay for the much-anticipated Outside Lands festival at the end of the month? (Or have friends coming into town for the event and don't feel like putting them up?)

While hotel prices often are significantly jacked up on event weekends--particularly one like Outside Lands that welcomes more than 60,000 attendees--the Kimpton Hotel group is offering a fabulous promotion: 25 percent off its nine city boutique stays and one Silicon Valley property from Aug. 28 through 30 using the code "OLF."

Tenacious D Replace Beastie Boys to Close Outside Lands

Promising to wreak havoc on California and possibly unleash an "earthquake of rock," the Tenacious D were announced as the replacement act to the Beastie Boys for the closing night of Outside Lands. Keep your eyes open Mission District, turns out Jack Black is a big fan. "I'm a burrito guy. I go straight down to the Mission District. To La Cumbre. Good ingredients," he said, during a live conference call today.  "We're expecting 100,000 people to squeeze into there [Golden Gate Park] like a sausage," said Mr. Black and Kyle Gass (a Walnut Creek native). I'm sure we can oblige.

Single Day Tickets for Outside Lands Announced

We're pretty psyched about Outside Lands. And the good people at Another Planet are doing a bang up marketing job with these Fraggle Rock meets Muppets videos.  We can't get enough of Ranger Dave and Skeeter, especially in this just-released video, where they're riffing the arrival of single day tickets. Definitely a welcome announcement for those feeling the economic pinch.


Ranger Dave Tweets, Outside Lands Fans Follow

As readers were the first to know, Outside Lands' resident authority, Ranger Dave, has joined the Twitterverse and is eager to reward loyal followers. Yesterday marked Dave's first venture out into the streets of San Francisco, tweeting clues along the way regarding his mysterious whereabouts. He promised one lucky fan two 3-day passes to the must-see festival in Golden Gate Park, August 28-30, and he didn't disappoint.

At 1:16 PM on Monday, June 1, the lively cartoon ranger tweeted the following: "Ranger Dave is hitting the streets tomorrow. He will have 3-Day passes on him. Find Ranger Dave first and get two free!"

Follow Ranger Dave For All Your Outside Lands Needs

Get ready to follow another hot celeb in the Twitterverse. Somewhere among your daily feed of Ashton Kutcher tweets, you can now get updates on all things Outside Lands from the one and only Ranger Dave. He's the uber-cool park ranger who first broke news of this year's hot O.L. lineup (if you haven't gotten his ridiculously catchy tune stuck in your head yet, check out the video at Make sure to follow Ranger Dave's tweets at and get all the latest news on this year's can't-miss music extravaganza in Golden Gate Park, August 28-30.

Outside Lands Becomes Even More of a Hot Ticket

As if you needed more reasons to attend this year’s Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival, the organizers have gone and added even more artists to the already packed lineup. Taking place in Golden Gate Park August 28th-30th, the second annual, three-day extravaganza features headliners like Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Beastie Boys, Incubus, Black Eyed Peas, M.I.A., Jason Mraz, Modest Mouse, and TV on the Radio.

Outside Lands' Killer Lineup

We have to admit, we were a tad nervous when the initial lineup list for Outside Lands was announced this morning. Granted, seeing Pearl Jam and the Beastie Boys in GG Park will be awesome, but the rest of initial public offering seemed a bit like Lollapalooza '99.

Partial 2009 Outside Lands Lineup Announced

A tricky little peel back ad over at SF Gate reveals a partial list of this year's Outside Lands Festival Lineup. If you don't have time to hover around while it unfurls, here it is: Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Beastie Boys, Incubus, Black Eyed Peas, Jason Mraz, M.I.A, Mars Volta, Thievery Corp, Modest Mouse, Ween. Definitely some heavy hitters in the music game (circa 90s-early 00s). Where are the newcomers who had us drooling last year? Coming soon we hope.

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