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Papalote's Famous Salsas Hit Store Shelves Tomorrow!

Papalote has gotten nagged to put their famous salsa on store shelves so much that they've finally caved. Debuting at Whole Foods, Rainbow Grocery and on their salsa site tomorrow, December 1st, all you burritophiles out there will be able to get your paws on a jar to tote around with you anywhere you're chowing down. Know any burrito freaks who you don't have Christmas present ideas for? Grab a few jars and wrap' em up. You might also be popular on the secret santa circuit if you donate some jars to the cause.

Throwdown: Papalote vs. Bobby Flay

I don't know how many of you have seen the Food Network show Throwdown with Bobby Flay. The premise is pretty simple—Bobby Flay shows up at a restaurant unannounced and challenges the owners to a cook-off of a signature item from the menu—usually something iconic like barbequed ribs, or mac and cheese, or fish and chips. As SF Weekly reported back in December, Flay challenged the owners of Papalote to a burrito contest, but we felt the news deserved another mention since the episode will be broadcast on Wednesday, February 17.

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