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Welcome the Year of the Tiger!

Bring in the Year of the Tiger with fireworks, costumes, dance and music at San Francisco's annual Chinese New Year parade next Saturday night starting at 5:30p at 2nd and Market. Since its inception in the 1860's, San Francisco's parade has grown into the largest Chinese New Year parade outside of China and one of the largest Asian cultural events in North America. The parade features 100 units, from Miss Chinatown to marching bands, as well as the famous Golden Dragon. Twenty-nine segments comprise the 200+ ft long dragon, handmade in the Chinese town of Foshan and carried by 100 men and women. If you can't or don't want to make it out, catch the live broadcast on KTVU or KTSF from 6-8p.

Get Your Rave On at LovEvolution

What used to be Berlin's citywide rave, Love Parade, moved to SF five or so years ago, became Love Fest, and morphed into what is now LovEvolution. The party is back for another year this Saturday, October 3, and you can expect Market Street and Civic Center to be flooded with pacifier-sucking candy flippers, bass-pumping DJs, absurd day-glo costumes, and old timers who just can't let go of the golden days of the rave. This year's electro music stars include Groove Armada and Fischer Spooner, with acts like Mark Farina and Eddie Howell spreading the party to venues across the city. Watch out for gratuitous hugging and try not to slip on any body paint on the street. The parade starts at 2nd and Market at noon and will proceed to Civic Center for the daylong party.

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