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Park Life

Look of the Week: Locally Designed Men's T-Shirts

From local artist Tucker Nichols' quirky collection at Park Life to the vibrant animal print t-shirts designed by Artillery AG owner, Ivan Lopez, we scoured through endless (virtual) piles of t-shirts and found seven stand-out designs from local artists. Guys (We're talking to you, Zuck.), if you're going to wear a t-shirt, wear one of these. 

Explosive: Artists Andrew Schoultz, Chris Ballantyne And Mark Mulroney Converge At Park Life

It’s always intriguing to see what three distinctive visual sensibilities might dream up in collaboration, jamming on the same page or, in this case, the same wall space. The latest collabo can be found at Park Life Gallery, which brought together Andrew Schoultz, Chris Ballantyne and Mark Mulroney, three painters with local connections, for a site-specific mural that touches on our breezy Bagdad by the Bay.

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