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The Latest San Francisco Parking Citation Data

Pop quiz. Please turn off your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Eyes on your own paper.

The answer is: 88 million.

Is the correct question:

a) What was the number of barrels of oil consumed globally per day in 2011?


b) What was the dollar amount of revenue generated from parking citations in San Francisco last year?

What it Would Cost to Own Every Parking Spot in SF

Dear Parking Guru,

I arrived home today to find a few “temporary event, no parking, tow away” signs on my street for this weekend.  What exactly does “temporary event” mean. And more importantly, how far does the no parking zone extend.  I have been told that the signs are enforceable for 200 feet, is this true?

Parking Magic or Illusion?

Dear Parking Guru,

In my neighborhood, a neighbor has a “no parking” sign on a the fence of a single-family home residential property. It has been up for a while and the house is now for sale. Can you "reserve" sidewalk parking in front of your home? Is this legal?

Christmas Week Parking Rules in SF

'Twas the night before Christmas

And you drove to the City.

Parking rules can be confusing and tricky.

At the end of the year with the bills that you owe,

The last thing you need is to be ticketed or towed.

A Cool Tool For Contesting Parking Tickets

Hello Parking Guru,

I just got a copy of your book, and was ecstatic to have found that such a thing exists; however, my reason for finding it is less than desirable. I recently got tagged for not curbing my wheels on a grade, on a street where I have never been cited for this, Brannan at Delancey.

Thanksgiving Holiday Parking Rules in the City

Thanksgiving Holiday Parking Rules

Nothing will put a damper on a perfectly lovely four day Thanksgiving holiday more than getting a $72 ticket, or getting towed. Except being blamed for giving bad information resulting in getting your in-laws' car towed.

Coveted Neighborhood Parking Tips for North Beach... Shhhh

Dear Parking Guru,

I live in North Beach on Chestnut St. and don’t have a paid for spot for my car.  I have a residential permit, but on weekends, weekdays, evenings, and mornings I find it impossible to park.  My kingdom for some North Beach parking tips Sir.

Circling Bob

How to Get Instant Parking Karma

This city of ours is phenomenally unique, and parking in this city of ours is a unique phenomenon. It’s an act that requires significant concentration and, on some days, can require cunning, and nearly transcendental calm.

Imagine what parking in San Francisco would be like if there were no parking restrictions, rules, laws, regulations, and consequences for not playing by the rules. 

Parking Over the Line - Fair or Foul?

Parking Over the Line - Fair or Foul?


Dear Parking Guru,

I just got a ticket for violating traffic code TC58c - "Not Parked Within Marked Space." What a ridiculous ticket. I was like six inches over, and my car is small. It wasn't even my fault.

The reason I had to park like that was because of the terrible parking job of the guy at the beginning of the block wasting 5 feet of space behind him and screwing up the whole line. But even so, it doesn't make sense, because I counted, and there were 8 spaces, and 8 cars were parked there, and they all got a ticket, even though money was put in the meter.

Can I fight this ticket and win? What do you think of this law?



Ask the Parking Guru: Another Driver Boxed Me In, What Can I Do?

Ask the Parking Guru: Another Driver Blocked Me In, What Can I Do?

Dear Parking Guru,

I'm currently parked on the street and another driver has blocked me in by parking right up against my bumper. Given the state of their now well bent license plate, it looks like the driver may have given my truck's tow hitch a hearty bump and then just left his car where it was, post impact, not trying to hide any evidence.  I do not have enough room in the front to negotiate myself out of the spot.

SFMTA said that they can do nothing. Is that really the case? Driveway owners can have people towed at will but my blocked in vehicle gets no response?  What do you suggest?



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