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parking quiz answer

SFMTA vs. SF Giants: Quiz Answers!

The SFMTA or SF Giants. Who boasts bigger numbers? During lunch, we asked you to guess the heavyweights in our seven-question series. Did you make bets with your co-workers? Now, we reveal the answers.

Parking Quiz Answer! In What Way Is Oakland Better Than SF?

Just before lunch, we asked you: "In Which of These Categories Does Oakland Best San Francisco?"  What did you guess? Here are the options:

A) Super Bowl Titles
B) 21st Century World Series Titles
C) Potholes per Mile of Roadway
D) High-Tech Self Releasing Smart Parking Boot Implementation
E) All of the Above

The answer is:

Parking Quiz Answer: No More Free Parking For City Employees

Just before lunch we asked you to try not to get upset contemplating how many freebies city employees get. Think you know the answer?

Last year, how many FREE parking spaces did SFMTA have reserved for SFMTA employees?

A) 0
B) 10
C) 100
D) 500
E) 1000

Parking Quiz Answer: SF Streets Are Second Worst In The Nation

Right before lunch, we challenged you to rate SF's road conditions. Get ready for the answer, a bonus question, and everything you've ever wanted to know about potholes, but were afraid to ask. This is good reading for a rainy day!

What percentage of the streets of San Francisco are officially in "poor condition"?

A) 3% 
B) 27%
C) 33%
D) 61%
E) 100%

Parking Quiz Answer! Getting Around Construction Signs

Just before lunch on this beautiful day, we asked you to decode a confusing construction zone sign––the type you see around town next to many parking spots. So, are they available or not? Here's how to tell:

Can you park in front of this sign?

A) No way.  That’s why it’s all like orange and red.
B) Totally, if there isn’t any construction going on it means that it’s okay.
C) I’m not sure, it’s one of those construction zone thingies and I don’t 
know what all the rules are with those things.  I don’t want to get towed.
D) Yes, but only if it is not within the enforceable dates and/or times posted.
E) None of the above all of the time.
F) All of the above some of the time.

Parking Quiz Answer: SF Makes How Much On Parking Every Minute?

Just before lunch, we asked you to ponder the riches this city rakes in every moment of the day off of parking. Get ready to feel bad about your yearly wages, because the answer is about to be revealed. . .

How much money does the city of SF make from parking fines per minute?

B) 60¢
C) $6
D) $60
E) $600

Parking Quiz Answer: DPT Officers Per Square Mile

Our parking god David LaBua, author of Finding the Sweet Spot, gave us a parking quiz for you to marinate over during lunch on the number of DPT officers per square in San Francisco, because really, doesn't it feel like they are hiding behind every tree and corner, waiting to pounce? The surprising answer is revealed below.

How many parking officers are there per square mile in SF?

A) 6

B) 16

C) 106

D) 1600

E) 16000


Parking Quiz Answer: SF Cars vs. Parking Spaces. Who Wins?

Just before lunch, parking maniac David LaBua, author of Finding the Sweet Spot, asked you who would win in a fight: the number of cars in SF vs. the number of parking spaces?

The number of street parking spaces (including meters) in SF


The number of registered cars in San Francisco?
Says David: The most recent public data I obtained shows that there are:

Parking Quiz Answer: How to Decode Confusing Colored Curbs

Just before lunch, David LaBua of Finding the Sweet Spot fame quizzed you on how many of those darn colored curbs (that usually mean a ticket or two) there are in this city. Find out here how to decode them & outsmart the DPT once and for all.

How many restrictive curbs are there in SF? Put these curbs in order from most to least.

A) Green Zones
B) Blue Zones
C) White Zones
D) Yellow Zones
E) Taxi Zones


Parking Quiz Answer! How to Reserve Your Very Own Parking Spot in SF

A few hours ago, our parking guy David La Bua, author of Finding the Sweet Spot, challenged you guys to guess just what it takes to reserve your own parking spot in the city. The surprising answer is revealed below!

How Much Should You Expect to Spend on a Reserved Parking Spot in SF?
A)   $0 per month because I’m special

B)   $400 per month in a private garage

C)   $200 per month in a city owned garage

D)   $125 per month in a city owned garage if I’m a carpool

E)   $75 per month for a motorcycle in a city owned garage

F)    All of the above

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