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Parking Quiz

Ask the Parking Guru: I Parked Legally But My Neighbors Had Me Towed

Dear Parking Guru,
I was going to Chicago for a few days, leaving on a Tuesday and returning on Friday. I parked my car on Vicksburg St. in Noe Valley before I left for the airport. The only signs posted said, "No parking on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month for street-sweeping."  There are no meters, and no residential permit signs.
My car was towed on the Tuesday afternoon that I flew out. Special event signs were posted giving 24 hours notice to move all cars from the front of the house I was parked near.  The owners of the property were moving and they obtained a parking permit for the day during their move. As a result I was towed.

I've revisited the site and there are no signs indicating that streets need to be checked daily for special postings. I was legally parked for the three days I was away. Do I have any recourse in this matter?

Ask the Parking Guru: How Can I Get My Money Back From An Erroneous Ticket?

Dear Parking Guru,
I got a ticket yesterday on my birthday for not curbing my wheels on Clement Street and 6th. You wrote that the law states that you only have to curb your wheels if the grade of the street is 3% or more. I couldn't find any information regarding the grade at this location. SFMTA couldn't tell me the grade of the street, nor how to ascertain that information. Please Help!

Gratefully Yours,

Thanksgiving Parking Tips To Remember This Weekend

While you're traveling about town this Thanksgiving weekend, know all the ins and outs of holiday parking so you don't get stuck with a nasty ticket on your windshield. David LaBua, author of city parking bible Finding the Sweet Spot has all the info you'll need.

Parking enforcement rules on holidays in San Francisco are simple and straightforward except for one thing....they're not.  The SF Department of Transportation lawmakers are lovers of the asterisk.  However, fear not, I will expound on the asterisk that spoils the simplicity of what could be a simple holiday parking enforcement schedule.

Ask The Parking Guru: What Parking Rules Apply to Construction Zones?

Hi David,
Thank you for all the wonderful tips and explanations on 7x7 about navigating parking in San Francisco - I just found your site, and have found it very helpful! I was wondering if you know whether the 100-foot rule also applies for temporary special use/constructions signs. I asked a parking officer about this once, and she said that the no tow-away only applied for the parking spot where the sign was posted.
There's been so much construction happening in my neighborhood over the last couple of months, I've been very diligent about reading the signs carefully. Unfortunately, my car was towed on Friday because I was in a construction zone. While there was a sign in front of the spot behind me, there was no sign in the spot where I parked. I'm hoping to contest this, but was just curious about the rule for temporary special use/construction "no parking" signs.
Thanks so much,

Ask the Parking Guru: When A Parking Sign Is Vandalized, How Should You Appeal Your Ticket?

Dear Parking Guru,

I recently contested a ticket because the street sweeping sign that I parked underneath was altered to read just "Mon Wed" instead of "Mon Wed Fri."  I sent in pictures of the sign that was tampered with and received the following response:
"The San Francisco Traffic Code section 42 requires that all signs restricting parking be posted not more than 100 feet from the cited location.  An on-site field survey was conducted and confirmed that at least one legible sign is posted within 100 feet of the location on the citation.  The review has confirmed that the citation was properly issued and is valid."
Is there any block that has differing signage for the same parking restriction?  
Have you heard of this 100-foot rule? What you think about my situation?

Parking Quiz Answer: The Steepest Street in SF Is....

During lunch, we decided to keep it short and sweet on this gorgeous (but freezing!) Friday by asking you: What is the steepest street that most defies gravity in SF?


Parking Quiz: What's The Steepest Street in SF?

I've been working on a new parking app that will hopefully blow some minds and is definitely going to make parking in SF easier than anyone can imagine.  So, in order to keep working on it so I can unveil it soon, I am going to keep it short and sweet and have a little fun this week. How about a good old fashioned parking quiz? Five people taking a stab at answering this week's quiz will get a free version of the parking app when it is available.
We've recently discussed the 3% grade law (and how to successfully fight it) requiring drivers to curb their wheels if the street is at a 3% grade or more.  So, in keeping with that theme, this week's quiz is:
What is the steepest street in San Francisco?

Six O'Clock In the Evening: The Parking Witching Hour

If you knew before you left for your destination that you were going to easily find parking that was not only free, but right in front of your destination, wouldn't that be amazing?

The Cat & Mouse Game DPT Officers Play When Chalking Your Tires

I was reading the comments from last week’s post, and thought I would respond to one of them: I'd love to hear about parking in two-hour zones. Are meter maids marking tires still? I never see them do that these days. I often rush to get back to the car after two hours and never even see my tire marked. - Nader

Ask the Parking Guru: What's the Quickest Way To Decode Parking Signs?

Dear David,
I really like your book and your posts!  I have a problem that you may not have addressed before. I sometimes find myself in parking denial.  If I find a parking space, any space, that is available, I will park there.  I feed the meter, but I don't look at the signs, ever.  I have about $700 in tickets this year so far. To tell you the truth, I'm anxious just talking about it.  I think that I just find all of the information and rules to follow so overwhelming.  Do you have any tips for how to quickly and easily read all of the signs and figure out if a parking spot is okay to park in?

Queen of Denial


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