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Parking Tips

Millions and Billions and Trillions…

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Dear Parking Guru,

In your parking trivia quiz last week, you mentioned that 800 million miles were driven in San Francisco annually just looking for parking. I have two questions: Didn’t you mean in the country, or world? What is the greenhouse gas affect of this on the planet?


The Three-Minute San Francisco Parking Trivia Game

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Well, it’s the Friday before a holiday weekend, the weather is getting nice and warm, and you are reading instead of getting those spreadsheets finished.

Parking Deja Vu All Over Again

Wrong Way

Dear Parking Guru,

I cannot believe it. Really, I can’t. I got towed today. TWICE! I researched the web to see if I have any recourse, and in the process discovered you and your plethora of information about parking, but nothing about my situation, so I am now writing, hoping you can help.

Stuck Between a Meter and a Hard Place

Hi David,

I'm so glad to have found you. Bought your book, read it. Learned a lifetime’s worth from it. Downloaded VoicePark and can’t wait until the pilot project is over and it expands citywide. I now feel like I’m fully equipped to navigate the world of parking.

When I parked a few weeks ago you would have been proud of me. I read the signs applicable to my car, I checked the curb, and I read the restrictions of the meter at which I was parked. Then I used PaybyPhone to pay.

Here is my situation.

One If By Bus, Three If By Carpool

With another BART strike looming, BART’s contingency plan is to offer limited bus service during the peak commute periods for its 365,565 regular weekday passengers. This service has the capability to serve 4,000 passengers each day. So that should take care of it. 

Is the 100-Foot Parking Law Real?

100 Foot Law

Dear Parking Guru,
I just received a ticket for a street-sweeping sign that was way up the street from where I parked. I went to the library that day and found your book. In it, you say that, “The 100 foot law states that...each restrictive parking sign's enforcement zone extends for 100 feet in each direction, or up to the nearest cross-street, whichever is less. The only reasonable argument I can see for having a parking ticket dismissed would be that there is no sign posted anywhere in the City that warns us of this.” Where is this law 100-foot law written?

What Would Life Be Without BART?

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With this week’s BART strike, everything involving cars and car-related revenue has increased: Casual and formal carpool usage has increased; bridge toll revenue has increased; rental car revenue has increased; parking garage revenue has increased; parking meter revenue has increased; and with more drivers, (many unfamiliar with the ins and outs of City parking) and fewer spots available, parking ticket revenue and towed car revenue have increased.

Fourth of July Parking Tips

Be sure not to involuntarily make a donation of $72 or more to SFMTA on the 4th of July…or on the 5th of July.

What Would It Take to Get Humans to Change Their Ways and Save the Planet?

While doing my morning number crunching and parking efficiency algorithmic warm-up exercises, I came upon a staggering statistic about parking.  

Playing Dice with the Parking Gods

Parking Guru

Dear Parking Guru,
I just know you have a solution for me. I am new to SF and live in the Haight and feel so happy to be here. I have a problem though, and in googling for a solution, you kept popping up. I live in a place with a driveway and I found out that I am allowed to block my own driveway when parking parallel on the street. The problem is that on both sides of it are those on-street spots where the curb isn’t long enough for a regular car to park. The driveway is narrow, so when I park in my driveway part of my car sticks into one or both of these “half” spots.

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