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Passion Pit

NSSN: Scene of Action Wins the Local Spot

Not So Silent Night is pulling out all the stops this year, appealing to every kind of listener they have. Besides the Soundcheck Holiday Ball happening at Bimbo's 365 tonight, we're most excited about tomorrow's (12/10) Pre-Party at Mezzanine featuring sets from Gossip and Passion Pit, both of which we've been huge fans as of late. Unfortunately, as of writing, every one of Live 105's various Not So Silent Night events are completely sold out.

T.I. Exclusive: Passion Pit on Mixtapes and The Flaming Lips

It’s the classic ironic band-starting story. Boy makes mixtape for girl. Somehow it gets spread virally, blows up, and voila! Our favorite Cambridge-based indie electronica group is born. Meet Passion Pit. Just a bunch of friendly Massachusetts romantics with some serious musical talent and an ear for what we’re pining to hear, not to mention shake our rumps to. Playing alongside some heavy hitters on Saturday (MGMT, MSTR KRFT, Girl Talk, Brazilian Girls, The Streets) at the Treasure Island Music Festival, Nate Donmoyer, the drummer, took some time out to chat with us for a couple minutes about life, love, and live sound.

7x7: First of all, is Michael [Angelakos] still with the girl he wrote Chunk of Change for?

Passion Pit, Pop Levi and Esser Get Their Fingers Dusty at Local SF Record Stores

Leave it to a group of San Francisco music fanatics to compile an impressive list of artists together for engaging, well-produced videos and a booming original series called "Dusty Fingers." Enter our latest music blog obsession, Yours Truly. It's what we like to call a perfect combination of self-produced material and breaking news of up-and-coming musicians.

Sidewalk Chic: Subtly Seventies at the Wharf

Name: Aimee Fountain

Age: 28

Occupation: Adjunct Professor of English

Spotted: 7x7 Best Of party at Ghirardelli Square, 8:23 p.m.

Wearing: Tracy M. top, Twenty8Twelve Jeans, vintage knit bolero, Zigi flats

Currently reading, watching, listening to: "Reading The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis (it's making me super neurotic), watching Arrested Development all the way through for the second time and listening to Grizzly Bear, Passion Pit, Italo Disco and a lot of '60s Top 40 hits."

Passion Pit Performs at Bimbo's 365

There is no better way to describe the sound of Passion Pit than feel-good. Their full-length album "Manners" dropped barely a week ago but last night they managed to get the crowd at Bimbo's 365 Club singing along to every hit (of which there are many). With an onstage orgy of keyboards and falsetto vocals that would make even Mariah Carey jealous it's no surprise that Boston's hottest electro-pop group has been selling out shows across the country. Despite minor technical difficulties with his microphone, Michael Angelakos and his posse put on a stellar performance that managed to leave the crowd begging for more long after the lights came on.

Listen Up: This Week's Top Concerts

Another week of great headliners lies before us. The question we must ponder is not if we will see any of these, but which ones to choose. Here are just some of the highlights for this week:

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