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Seven Must-Eat Pasta Dishes In San Francisco

San Francisco is an amazing town for Italian food, with more than a half dozen regions represented by restaurants dedicated solely to one region, and dozens more places that reflect the Mediterranean influence of California cuisine and SF's long connection to the Italian people.

Learn to Make Fresh Pasta in SF (and Where to Buy It)

After two weeks in Italy eating handmade pasta from my relatives, fresh-made pasta in restaurants, and taking a pasta class at Il Paluffo in Chianti Colli Fiorentini with the famed Wilma (most of the restaurants in the area get their pasta from her), I am definitely inspired to dust off my old Ampia machine and crank out some pasta at home. Here are places in SF where you can take pasta-making classes, and on the nights when you're too busy to bust out some pappardelle, here’s where to score freshly made pasta too.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Pasta in San Francisco

Locanda's bucatini all’amatriciana; photo: ©

There’s nothing that satisfies like a really beautiful bowl of piping hot pasta.

Five New Culinary Skills to Master in the New Year

handmade pasta

While everyone is talking about classic hard-to-fulfill New Year’s resolutions like “lose 10 pounds!” and drinking less (wah!), why not focus on something that adds to your arsenal of culinary and wine skills instead? Below are our five picks for ways to increase your bragging rights.

Cut and Dried: SF's Top Chefs Talk Top Pasta

With all the Italian restaurants continuing to open in San Francisco, I've been talking shop with some of the city's best chefs. Particularly, about dried pasta.

Should you think dried pasta is inferior product, think again. Dried pasta is used very specifically for preparations such as carbonara. No self-respecting Roman would be caught dead with a bowlful of carbonara made with anything else. It's a dish that calls for spaghetti with a backbone!

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