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paxton gate

Weathering Heights: An 850 Square Foot Apartment in the Mission

"We like to describe the decor as ‘faded Cuban glamour,’" says stylist and designer Monique Ramos of the Mission apartment she shares with her boyfriend, artist Richard Colman. The intriguing tableau, a sunny 850-square-foot space, arises from the most unexpected medley of nostalgic travel mementos (jars of sand from all over the world), moody works of art (seascapes and taxidermy installations), and enchanting timeworn furnishings (chandeliers and vintage leather seating).

Spooky Centerpieces from Paxton Gate

We're just weeks away from Halloween, and even if you won't be dressing up for the holiday, trimming your home with spooky decorations is, while not mandatory, the sign that you're still at least somewhat getting into the spirit. But aside from the token jack-o'-lantern, what to do to get your house ready for All Hallows' Eve?

Terrarium Hunting @ Paxton Gate

Terrariums have blown up into a major trend in home gardening over the past few years, with everyone from the New York Times to Martha Stewart (erm, not to mention Jeffery Tambor) taking a crack at them. It's no wonder they're so well loved; terrariums are a cinch to put together, need little maintenance, and can be made in just about any vessel you like. These days they come in all shapes and sizes, from elegant apothecary jars to recycled spaghetti sauce containers. But my new favorite is the Wardian case. Read more. . . .

Paxton Gate & The Academy of Sciences Team Up This Thursday

Paxton Gate has always seemed more like a creepy-cool natural science museum than store, what with its displays of stuffed critters, slithering plants and other curiosities, so it makes perfect sense that they'd pair up with the California Academy of Sciences for an event. This Thursday (March 11th), head to the Academy for a night of scientific exploration, courtesy of Paxton Gate's diverse collection of "treasures and oddities inspired by the garden and the natural sciences".

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