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The Bay Area's Best Manicures, Pedicures, Nail Art, Salons + More

Tend to your tips and toes with our 2016 guide to the Bay Area's chicest and safest nail salons, best products, treatments and more. 

Manicube Brings Deskside Mani-Pedis to SF

New York City’s Manicube brings polished perfection to San Francisco with top-coat convenience. Working girls (and guys!), don’t despair: These nail pros offer deskside manicures (and pedicures) under 30 minutes, complete with hand massages, flash-dry drops, and a vast color selection.

Link Love: A Tribute to John Hughes, Meggings and More

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Fashionista pays homage to John Hughes with a look back at their favorite style moments from his iconic brat pack films.

Get spiked. Thin wallets leave us with little money for new shoes, but this new multi-purpose add-on accessory is a trend we can afford. (via Refinery 29)

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