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Perch is 2! Celebrate with a Sale

When news first hit a few years ago of a new home design store opening on Chenery, we lived not so far away and anxiously awaited its opening. It finally did, and the charming collection of goods along with the friendly staff instantly stole our hearts, becoming a must-visit stop on any trip to Glen Park.

Glen Park Festival and Discounts at Perch

When we used to live in Noe Valley one of our favorite activities was hiking up Chenery and spending some time in Glen Park. The relaxed neighborhood is a great place to spend a chilled out weekend day, with great food (Gialina's Chocolate Hazelnut Pizza = insanely good) some cute shops, and a lovely park all in a three block radius. Now that we live across town our visits have become few and far between, but with the Glen Park Festival this weekend there's no better time to make the trek. You'll find local artists and craftspeople displaying their wares, music and entertainment, and food, glorious food.

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