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Peter Bratt

Indie Theater Roundup: 7 Movies to See This Week

Rather than venturing into Sherwood Forest for Ridley Scott's original but curiously flat take on the Robin Hood legend, spend this weekend at one of the city's indie theaters, where a worthwhile selection of alternatives awaits. Among them:

Culture Clash: Benjamin and Peter Bratt Shine A Light On ‘La Mission’

The SF-bred Benjamin and Peter Bratt’s affection and affinity for the Mission District comes through with crystalline clarity in La Mission. The brotherly team, with Peter writing, directing and producing and Benjamin starring, have much of the vibe down: the way the sun bounces off the concrete; the wildly imaginative and brightly hued murals winding off 24th Street; the bodegas, produce shops and mom-and-pop businesses lining the streets; the kids in black hoodies who slouch on out on front stoops; and some of the district’s funky diversity -- one that encompasses blue-collar Latino families, college-age hipsters, the bikers, and spiritual searches. You feel get a bit of a thrill just seeing those familiar sights -- Balmy Alley, Muni buses, Folsom Street basketball courts.

SF Film Festival Opens with Benjamin Bratt and La Mission

Perhaps best known as Det. Rey Curtis, the impossibly clean-cut, religiously devout homicide investigator who spent four seasons patrolling the Law & Order beat on NBC, Benjamin Bratt has lately shown off his darker side – first as a recovering junkie turned unorthodox sobriety counselor on A&E’s The Cleaner, and now as Che, a mostly reformed ex-con from San Francisco’s Mission District, in La Mission.

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