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Peter Farrelly

Home Movies: Sean Bean Falls Victim to 'Black Death,' Liam Neeson is 'Unknown'

About as sunny as it sounds, Christopher Smith's grim fairy tale Black Death finds a 14th-century knight (Sean Bean, of HBO's Game of Thrones) and his band of mirthless mercenaries traveling the European countryside in search of a rumored necromancer. Reluctantly joining them for the journey is Osmund, a young monk played by The Other Boleyn Girl's Eddie Redmayne, who finds their violent brand of piety less than Christian. Surrounded by the devastation wrought by the onset of the bubonic plague, in a world seemingly forsaken by God, will Osmund allow himself to be seduced by pagans – led by Carice von Houten's alluring high priestess – whose village remains curiously unaffected by pestilence?

The Farrelly Brothers, Owen Wilson Reconsider the Chick Flick in 'Hall Pass'

Brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly realize that a Hall Pass – a mutually accepted break from the vows of monogamous marriage – might have disastrous results in real life.

But as the basis for their new comedy, starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis as suburban husbands with wandering eyes but a laughable lack of game, it seemed originally to be just another boys-night-out frolic.
Then, as they do with all their movies (including Kingpin and There’s Something About Mary), they showed a preliminary script to their wives. They are thankful they did.

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